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The Ukrainian singer said that she wants to give a concert in In Kiev after the completion of SMO

Taisiya Povaliy. Photo: Belarus 1 TV channel / YouTube

People's Artist of Ukraine, now living in Russia's Taisiya Povaliy dreams of a concert in Kiev after the completion of a special military operation. She stated this in an interview with blogger Lilia Abramova on YouTube.

"I want to do a concert in Kiev, when it's all over. I want to," Povaliy said.

She would also like to speak in Donetsk.

At the same time, the artist recently came to a concert in Lugansk. She tearfully talked about how she was received by people, how many could not believe that she had arrived.

"It's like I've been home," Povaliy noted.

As reported by EADaily, earlier Ukrainian actor and producer Leonid Dzyunik said that many Ukrainian artists support the Russian special military operation, but now they are simply afraid to speak out. According to him, many artists are simply forced to stay on Ukraine, because they did not leave on time, and now it is not possible to leave the country.

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