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Russian FAB-3000 bombs are changing the situation on the battlefield — Business Insider

FAB-500 on the suspension of the Su-34 fighter-bomber. Photo: press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russian Air Force is used on Ukraine has a new ammunition that can change the situation on the battlefield. This is reported by the American magazine Business Insider.

In June, Russian aviation used the FAB-3000 M-54 gliding bomb for the first time. Weighing over three tons, this munition can cause considerable damage to Ukrainian military targets.

Ukrainian media reported on the use of a planning bomb against the concentration sites of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. Although the bombing itself appeared to be inaccurate, the destructive power of the FAB-3000 M-54 is such that, even without hitting specific targets, the ammunition can be fatal due to the extensive range of damage. The fact that this planning bomb is dropped outside the range of the Ukrainian air defense makes the munition even more dangerous.

The FAB-3000 M-54 is a conventional bomb that can be converted into a planning munition by installing a unified planning and correction module. In March, Russian officials announced for the first time the start of serial production of the FAB-3000 M-54. Earlier, the Russian military had difficulties installing heavy ammunition on tactical aircraft. However, it seems that Russian experts have found a solution.

"The fact that Russian troops have figured out how to launch the FAB-3000 is a significant achievement that will increase the destructive potential of Russia's ongoing attacks against Ukrainian forces and infrastructure using planning bombs," said the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Using a combination of weapons used beyond the reach of weapons of destruction and planning ammunition, Russian aircraft strike key parts of Ukraine's infrastructure and urban centers.

The effectiveness of the Russian aerospace forces is still far from fundamentally changing the situation on the battlefield, but with the help of attack aircraft and helicopters, the Russian military managed to achieve tactical superiority at certain moments and in certain sections of the front line, the American publication reluctantly admits.

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