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Putin says Kiev “makes a travesty of” Minsk agreements

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin has slammed the Ukrainian authorities for failing to implement the Minsk II.  Speaking at the final plenary session the Valdai International Discussion Club, the Russian leader said the conflict in the east of Ukraine can be settled only through the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

“If we want to achieve long-term peace in the south-east of Ukraine and restoration of the territorial integrity of the country, there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements,” Vladimir Putin said. At the same time, he said, “it is hardly possible” to settle the situation in Donbass without participation of Europe and U.S.  The president believes the representatives of the Normandy Four – president of France and chancellor of Germany – “assess the situation in the east of Ukraine quite objectively,” though, as he thinks, they “definitely support the Kiev authorities.”

“They have realized that the problems there are not just black and white. Everything is much complicate,” the president said. “There is no sense in endlessly blaming Russia for failing to implement or failing to prompt the authorities of the unrecognized republics in Ukraine’s southeast to implement the Minsk Agreements, if the key provisions of the Minsk deals are not implemented by the Kiev authorities."

According to the president, for a political solution to the conflict, first and foremost, the Constitution of Ukraine must be amended in cooperation with representatives of the self-proclaimed republics. “What did our partners do in Kiev? They adopted an enactment at Rada and formally implemented the ‘Minsk agreements.’ Simultaneously, without consent of Donbass, they adopted another provision saying that the law will become effective only after elections (in Donbass) i.e. they have postponed it,” Putin said.

“This is nothing but manipulation. I put it baldly to my Ukrainian partner. As our classics of Marxism and Leninism said: it is right in shape, but travesty in essence,” he said.

“Ball is in Kiev’s court. It is necessary to do it… It can be done only if the Kiev government and president work with their European and American partners, not with Moscow,” the president said for conclusion.

As EADaily reported earlier, under the Minsk agreements, there is ceasefire in Donbass, with troops and weaponry being pulled back from the engagement line.  At the same time, Kiev has returned Aydar Battalion to the front line with the Donetsk People’s Republic.

“Finally, after combat shakedown, all the fighters of Aydar Battalion have returned to the front line with new strength and skills to protect their country,” Valentin Likholit,  Aydar Battalion Chief of Staff posted on Facebook.

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