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Moldovans are asked what they think of unification with Romania

In the Moldovan capital Chisinau, a poll is launched to ask citizens what they think of unification with the neighboring Romania. Six tents are erected in Chisinau, where eligible voters up to April 14 can share their opinion on the subject. Simultaneously, about 300 pollsters will conduct targeted surveys.

The organizer of the monitoring is Gheorghe Costandachi, head of the European Social and Political Center, has called political parties, members of civil society, population and other groups to show openness and take part in the poll. “The consulting process with the population on unification with Romania is a free, unbiased, neutral project, not someone’s order,” he stressed.

Costandachi called the residents of Chisinau not to be aggressive against the pollsters and share their views no matter what they are, as the consultation is not of political nature. He said the action will be held throughout Moldova, additional questions on vital issues will be asked.

He promised that preliminary results of the consultations with the public will be announced two or three days after the process is finished. Final outcomes will be made public after all the questionnaires are processed.

On March 25, a 7,000-people rally took place in Chisinau in support of unification with Romania. 21 people were detained at the rally on suspicion of preparing provocative actions.

Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip spoke at the Romanian Senate on the day of 100th anniversary of Bessarabia joining Romania (Unirea). He welcomed a resolution of the MPs calling to adopt the Unirea as Moldova’s national policy.

Moldovan President Igor Dodon called the Unionism “plague and a foreign subversion” aimed at destroying Moldova’s statehood. He promised to establish People’s Front to united patriotic forces and protect the Moldovan identity.

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