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Kudrin compares Russian government with tiger preparing for a leap

The head of the Russian Audit Chamber Alexey Kudrin has said that Russia is in the beginning of a new political cycle, and its economic agenda is determined by the “May decree” of President Vladimir Putin.

“It is now that we must leave the developing countries’ group and join the developed countries. Judging by the Human Development Index, Russia belongs to developing economies. If the provisions of the decree are fulfilled, by 2024, Russia will be among countries like Spain, Czechia, Poland,” he said. According to him, ten years ago the global crisis, high oil prices and postponement of structural reforms resulted in the fact that the aim was not reached.

Kudrin says that the complicated task to become the fifth economy in the world in six years is quite feasible. For this aim, it is enough to grow higher than by 3% per year. “Brazil is hot on our heels, Indonesia is developing more aggressively,” he noted.

He noted that decreasing number of labor force is the key risk for the Russian economy in next decades.

Kudrin compared the new government with a leaping tiger: “We expect a leap from it like from a tiger, but we shall see if it turns out to be a tiger.”

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