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Former Ukrainian MP: Kiev seeks to jail 700,000 Crimean residents

Former Crimean politician and former member of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Andriy Senchenko said in an interview with Hayatt Radio that Kiev government seeks to jail about 700,000 residents of Crimea.

“People have analyzed Ukraine’s Criminal Code to find out what articles can be used to qualify actions of our citizens against Ukraine to favor the aggressor-state in Crimea and Donbass,” PolitNavigator quotes Senchenko as saying.

According to him, at once 46 articles of Ukraine’s Criminal Code can be applied against residents of Crimea who voted for the republic’s unification with Russia.

“We have calculated how many people may me brought responsible. For Crimea, the number of such people is about 200,000. Multiplied by the so-called family coefficient, it is about 700,000 people with family members. They are ‘in danger,’ let’s put it that way,” the politician concluded.

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