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Serbian minister calls to rethink foreign policy priorities

If the EU puts impossible conditions on Serbia only that it is looking for an excuse not to include the country in its membership, then Serbia needs to move further on its own way, the Minister of Defense of Serbia Aleksandar Vulin stated on May 20, commenting on the statements of Sem Fabrizi, the EU delegation head in Serbia, that the attitude towards Kosovo and Metohija is a key condition for the admission of this Balkan country to the EU.

"If the European Union does not consider our economy, our democracy, our control over the migration crisis, our policy of peace and stability to be important, if they consider the attitude towards the Kosovo problem, in which they actively participated, to be the key, then it's time to think about changing the priorities of our foreign policy," the Serbian RTS TV channel quoted Vulin as saying.

Recall that the head of the EU delegation in Serbia, Sem Fabrizi previously said in an interview with the Belgrade Blic portal that Kosovo is a key but not the only component for Serbia's accession to the EU. He stressed that the format of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will remain the same, and that there will be no accession of third countries to this format. Answering the question whether Serbia should recognize the independence of the separatist Kosovo, Fabrizi stated that "full normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina is necessary".

As EADaily reported earlier, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić repeatedly stressed that Belgrade has decided in favor of joining the EU and that he is working to find a compromise solution for Kosovo that would suit both the Serbian and Albanian sides.

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