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Ambassador: Russia may agree to Kosovo partition, if Serbia wants it

Russia may agree to partition of Kosovo and Metohija, if Serbia finds it the best way of settling the Kosovo issue, Russia’s Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Chepurin said on May 30.

He was commenting statement of Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic that partition of Kosovo is the optimal and fastest option that Kosovo Albanians can agree with.

“We respect Serbia’s position and we will support any decision it finds the best option for itself,” the Russian ambassador is quoted as saying by Tanjug.

Chepurin also noted that a final agreement on Kosovo is to be reached through dialog that can take time, and he sees no reasons “to shoot from the hip” and make hasty decisions. According to him, Russia will support the option that Serbia chooses.

“It is important for Moscow that the solution takes into account Serbia’s interests. I cast no doubt that the Serbian government, President Vucic and Minister Dacic will do their best for the country,” Chepurin stressed.

Answering request of the reporters to comment on statements of Brussels officials that Serbia at some day will have to turn its back to Russia, the ambassador said: “This will never happen.”

As EADaily reported earlier, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic stated that partition of Kosovo and Metohija is the most appropriate and fastest way of solving the Kosovo issue, but all options should be considered.

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