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ExxonMobil seeking opportunity to continue working in Russia

Photo: huffingtonpost.com

The US ExxonMobil has continued seeking opportunities to participate in Russian projects while Russia is still under sanctions, vice president of the company Alex Volkov has said, Bloomberg reports.

Previously, the oil-and-gas company decided to limit its activities in projects that were put under anti-Russian sanctions, TASS reminds. However, Exxon wants to continue investments in the projects that were not hit by the sanctions.

In particular, in early May, it was announced that ExxonMobil extends its joint LNG project with Rosneft in the Russian Far East.

EADaily reminds that in March ExxonMobil’s management decided to quit from joint projects with Rosneft because of the EU and US sanctions. In 2017, the company was fined for $2mn for allegedly unlawfully signed agreement with Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin who was on the sanctions list.

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