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Former Ukraine intelligence chief says migration level is national tragedy

Outflow of labor force in Ukraine has reached a level of a national tragedy, and it the Kiev government is to blame for it, as it left no perspectives for Ukrainians, former chief of the Ukrainian intelligence General Nikolay Malomuzh has said on air of NewsOne TV channel.

He commented on the data of the Ukrainian Association for International Job Connection, according to which every 20th Ukrainian goes to Poland to find a job, while the Europe without Barriers organization announced that Ukraine became leader among countries where documents are falsified to get abroad for work.

Malomuzh agreed with the statistics saying that first of all, the Ukrainians are fleeing to Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Canada, and the USA. As the former general said, their number is about nine million, and such a situation can be called a national tragedy.

“We are speaking of a great problem and tragedy for the country. Active population, intellectuals first of all having great capabilities for labor are going abroad. First of all, these are Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Canada, and the USA – up to 9 million. This is a great disaster and our strategic failure. It happens because there is no alternative: free development of small and medium businesses, alternative ways of cooperation that would provide jobs and high standards. This is the key reason why people are leaving, there are no prospects,” the general concluded.

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