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Moldovan priests protesting in front of parliament

About one hundred protesting Orthodox believers and priests have come to the Moldovan parliament in central Chisinau. The people took with them icons and banners in support of traditional families. They urge the parliament to impose a ban on propaganda of homosexualism in the country.

The protest action was organized by Fericita Maica Matrona association. Members of the Socialist Party came to see them. The parliamentarians told the protesters that they summoned the interior minister in connection with “inadequate behavior” of the police at an LGBT march.

The priests handed over their appeal to the MPs.

EADaily reported that Mitropolit Vladimir addressed the president, chair of the parliament, prime minister and the interior ministry in connection with an LGBT march held in Chisinau on May 19. He called to ban such events calling them “alien to Moldovan society.”

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