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Ukraine conducts military exercises in the sky over Donbass

In Ukraine, the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation in Donbass (JFO) raised combat aircraft for military exercises in the sky over Donbass. According to the JFO press center, "the aviation coped with the task while working out the targets in various ways."

Several jets that accomplished combat missions took part in the exercises. "The Joint Forces are actively continuing to prepare all the forces and means to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. So, during the last week, a sudden check of aviation units was conducted. The aim of the training events was to achieve a high level of coherence during the air forces support of combined-arms units," they noted at the JFO headquarters.

In an interview with RT political expert Alexander Dudchak stated that the change in the format of the operation speaks about Kiev's refusal to solve the Donbass’ problems peacefully. "In fact, nothing has changed. They simply allowed themselves by law to do what they had done before. They used to use combat aircraft, heavy artillery, tanks, and armored vehicles. Now it's just legalized," Dudchak said.

As EADaily reported already, earlier analysts said that the recent aggravation in Donbass actually is the first Kiev’s attempt over the past three years to bring the conflict back to the active phase.

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