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Ukrainian expert: Poroshenko's main "success" is hike in communal fees

The main "achievement" of the four years of Peter Poroshenko's presidency was not the growth of the economy, which the Kiev authorities like to claim, but a sharp increase in communal fees and electricity tariffs, expert in economic and political issues Vsevolod Stepaniuk has announced at a news conference in Kiev.

"Though our propaganda says that something is growing and improving there, the electricity prices during Poroshenko’s presidency have risen 3-4 times, gas for the population - 7 times, cold and hot water - 5 times, heating - 10 times," the expert summed up.

At the same time, he recalled that currently negotiations are being held with the IMF which demanded a sharp increase in the gas price for population as one of the conditions for granting the next tranche. In this case, according to Stepaniuk's calculations, all the utility tariffs will rise in price by another 50-60%.

"As a result, the number of poor in Ukraine has increased significantly. The system of subsidies turns the population into slaves of the state. A person does not agree to an increase in wages, because this prevents him from receiving subsidies for communal fees. It is better for him to have a small salary, but at the same time receive communal subsidies," Stepaniuk said.

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