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World War III has already begun, and its weapon is biological: interview

Is the new COVID-19 coronavirus a biological weapon? Who are his “architects”, and what are they trying to achieve? What were WHO experts warning in March 2018? These and other questions of the EADaily correspondent were answered by Grigor Grigoryan, an international expert on the control of zoonotic diseases and the organization of veterinary health care, the leader of the “One Health” coalition (Armenia) .

- How do you assess the current epidemiological situation caused by a new coronavirus infection, and how do you see the scenario for its further development?

- The information available today on the global epidemiological situation with the infection caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19 suggests that it did not work out, and let’s say it was “put together” for a specific purpose, and that the situation is skillfully “directed” towards this goal. The results of the comparison and comparative retrospective analysis of various documents available in the public domain indicate that for at least the past 10 years, global policies pursued by individual countries and a number of authoritative international organizations have been carried out with the aim of preparing the global community for the process of establishing a total and global control, which was launched at the end of 2019 and cannot be stopped by diplomacy and negotiations.

As for the further development of the scenario of the epidemiological situation with a new coronavirus infection, it can only be predicted by the COVID-19 designers and the authors of the scenario, which, apparently, was written after the global financial and economic crisis that erupted in 2008. Apparently, the main driving mechanism and lever of this scenario is the biological weapon and the global panic caused by this weapon, which allows the authors of this process to manage geopolitics on a global level.

- So you think that the new coronavirus is a biological weapon, and that the pandemic declared by WHO is artificial?

- Today, many specialists in Armenia and reputable experts of leading international organizations believe that the new coronavirus is zoonotic and has a natural origin, which is caused by successive mutations of closely related coronaviruses that circulate in populations of endemic species of bats , snakes, or other animals in China . According to the FAO, WHO and OIE, more than 60% of existing and 75% of emerging pathogens affecting people are of animal origin. However, with regard to COVID-19, with all due respect to the opinion of my colleagues in Armenia and outside it, I do not share it and I believe that it is too early to consider the new coronavirus to be zoonotic. In my opinion, the unprecedented development of biomedical genetic engineering over the past 20 years puts the world scientific community in need of revising the meaning of the term “zoonotic pathogen”. The results of scientific studies leave no doubt that COVID-19 is closely related to coronaviruses circulating in populations of certain bat species, however, in this case, the available information already makes us clearly indicate what the terms “zoonotic pathogen” and “pathogen” mean animal origin". If COVID-19 had a natural origin, then Chinese scientists would have already identified it from animal populations that are the masters of the virus in nature. Since such isolation has not yet been achieved, I consider the allegations about the natural nature of the new coronavirus as contradicting the generally accepted epidemiology of zoonotic pathogens in general, and zoonotic coronaviruses in particular. As for the pandemic announced by WHO, in my opinion, this announcement is not artificial, since it reflects the real nature of the course of the infection in the world, but it was very belated. The pandemic had to be declared when a new coronavirus infection spread to the territory of 10 countries, and not wait for it to reach 110. I can only speculate what or who was expected at WHO, but I can say that the voiced and actively disseminated by the Western media versions of the emergence of a new coronavirus infection and its spread almost completely reflect the scenario of the pandemic zoonotic virus infection X, which WHO experts had warned about back in March 2018 year and called on the country to prepare for it. Now we are dealing with what they warned about.

- WHO has previously declared pandemics of infectious diseases such as SARS, H1N1 and MERS, but none of them have caused such fear and panic throughout the world. What is the difference between the COVID-19 pandemic? Why did such a panic rise?

- There are not many significant differences, as such, and almost all of them are mainly due to the morphological and epidemiological characteristics of the pathogen. One of these features is the level of fatality, which causes fear both among the population and in the business world. This fear is skillfully fueled by certain governments through organizations and the media under their control in order to spread fear and panic, which are the fuel of the chaos control mechanism at the national, regional and global levels. Apparently, the level of fear and panic of previous pandemics was assessed as insufficient to create global chaos and effectively manage this chaos on a global level. This flaw was taken into account, analyzed, and, apparently, successfully removed by the architects of the pathogen and the authors of the pandemic scenario of the zoonotic coronavirus infection X, which was warned by WHO experts in March 2018. Being a supporter of evidence-based medicine, I do not believe in the so-called “conspiracy theory”, but I also do not believe in such coincidences and believe that today there is enough evidence to suspect that the new coronavirus, although closely related to coronaviruses circulating in populations animals, however, may be of anthropogenic or technogenic origin. This is my personal conclusion, which is based both on the study of numerous documents published by various global and regional international organizations over the past 10 years, and on professional experience. I know that many may not like it, but after 1998 there are too many coincidences between geopolitical events and changes in the situation with infectious diseases in the world. And if you subject the available data to a multilateral comparative analysis, then the correlation between them becomes obvious even to a simple layman. 

- Recently, the Chinese Foreign Ministry suggested that the US military brought COVID-19 to Wuhan. Rumors that the virus was imported or even escaped from the biological laboratory altogether had been running earlier, but at the official level this was said for the first time. In the USA, the charges were denied, but China is in no hurry to take back the words ...

- As already noted, I do not consider myself a supporter of the “conspiracy theory”, but the results of the analysis of freely available information suggest that coronaviruses, fear, and panic were chosen by some forces as a weapon to undermine the influence of their rivals. Controlled chaos in order to establish sole control at the global level. Having experience working in China, I am far from the thought that the Foreign Ministry of this country may even officially voice the assumption that COVID-19 was created in the United States, without good reason and certain evidence. At the same time, I believe that it is impossible to accuse anyone of a crime against humanity without verified and clear evidence. Personally, I just lack laboratory confirmation of what I consider obvious, and I sincerely hope that this confirmation will soon be received by our Russian, Chinese, Indian or Iranian colleagues. In this context, it should also be noted that Chinese researchers have already proved that the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan was not the primary source of infection, and that the socalled “null patient” was infected not in Wuhan , but elsewhere.

Based on the analysis of the time when people began to become infected with a new coronavirus infection and its further spread, Chinese scientists found that the infection spread through three routes, and the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, because of the unsanitary conditions prevailing there, was just an “epidemiological bomb” . This is not surprising, as the Wuhan city of Hubei Province with 11 million inhabitants is China's 7th largest city. In turn, Indian scientists through phylogenetic analysis of the new coronavirus found that it consists of viral particles of coronaviruses circulating in populations of endemic snakes in China, bats and human immunodeficiency virus. Available scientific data indicate that the emergence of such a virus without an anthropogenic factor is simply impossible.

- The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic made experts think of the Event 201 pandemic exercise, which literally a month and a half before the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Wuhan, China, in the United States. They were organized in October in New York by the Johns Hopkins University Health Safety Center, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The University’s Center for Health Safety website says that turning epidemics into pandemics with catastrophic consequences is just a matter of time. At the same time, a scientific institution is not just a kind of analytical agency, but is also a hospital and laboratory in Baltimore, where biological research is carried out. What can you say about the parallels being drawn?

- You know, the assessments and forecasts voiced after this event caused a lot of talk, both among health professionals and among the military. However, before drawing any parallels, it is necessary to understand the goals and objectives of such events in the United States. For this, it is necessary to study the doctrine of the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes and its 5 principles. These principles are based on the norms of the US Armed Forces, based on the US Constitution, Chapter 10 of the US Code, the War Act, as well as the norms of warfare. Available data suggest that the range of these actions includes, by default, all available tools that will allow you to weaken, subjugate or hit the enemy with sabotage, as well as modeling the expected and probable result of these sabotage, their possible consequences at the national, regional and global levels, Identifying opportunities to use these effects for US interests. As for the organizations you have noted, according to my information, they are Pentagon partners in the implementation of the military program, known as the "System of Human Terrain." This is a comprehensive program based on the use of artificial intelligence in managing global geopolitical processes and consisting of many components. These components are implemented through various multidisciplinary projects, such as Minerva, Embers, and several others. In these projects, I think the Johns Hopkins University Health Safety Center and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are responsible for multidisciplinary healthcare projects, including epidemic and pandemic modeling. The leading role in multidisciplinary modeling is played by the US National Center for Biotechnological Information, which operates in the city of Bethesda, Maryland and coordinates the work of multidisciplinary projects. It is known that epidemiological data are also collected by this center, which are used in modeling scenarios of outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics of various infections in target countries, taking into account the properties of their pathogens.

- So you want to say that the COVID-19 pandemic can be used as an instrument of influence on global geopolitics?

- Unfortunately, I am more and more convinced of this, and I believe that the causative agent and scenario of the current pandemic, as well as its consequences and the actions of certain geopolitical players in relation to others in a pandemic, were previously calculated and modeled. You know, William Stewart , a former president of the British Association for the Development of Science, once said: "The First World War was chemical, the Second World War was nuclear, and that the third world war, God forbid, will be biological." I do not think that Sir Stewart was a prophet - he definitely knew something. We must really look at the state of things and evaluate it soberly - The Third World War has already begun, and its weapons are biological. The 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons has not been in force for a long time and has already lost its meaning, as some countries that refused to ratify it, both acted and continue to bypass its provisions, relying on their economic and military “muscles”. The available data suggest that after the Second World War, the use of biological weapons by individual countries for geopolitical purposes did not stop, however, it either was not noticed or was hushed up due to the lack of proper investigation, and, consequently, evidence. In the 21st century, the same scenario was observed during the spread of influenza H5N1, H1N1, African swine fever, severe acute respiratory syndrome, Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome and Ebola, which seemed to be a kind of “prelude” to the coronavirus infection pandemic COVID-19. The situation that developed in the world after the outbreak of the pandemic tore off all the masks and revealed the hidden geopolitical motives of what was happening. It became apparent that the UN is powerless not only in the face of a pandemic, but also to countries that are trying to use the situation to reprisal their geopolitical opponents or intimidate their allies who are interested in working with their geopolitical opponents.

- What do you have in mind?

- I mean the overt and inadmissible, in a pandemic, pressure of some countries on others, twisting the hands of their governments to push their own geopolitical interests. Before the pandemic was announced, I thought that the target of COVID-19 was China and Iran, but what is happening suggests that this is a "muscle demonstration", akin to the one that had once taken place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but already at a global level . It seems to me that her goal is to spread fear and panic among the peoples of the world, to show them who is the real master in this world, and what will happen to those who doubt this, or dare to challenge him. This is still being done at the cost of the health of hundreds of thousands and the lives of tens of thousands of people. According to statistics, according to the latest data, COVID-19 has already hit more than 300 thousand, and claimed the lives of more than 12 thousand people, but the real numbers can be much higher. At the same time, despite the scale of the spread of the infection, I believe that there is no reason for fear and panic, and that with transparent, coordinated and coordinated cooperation between countries, it can be localized at all levels. In this regard, the experience of China is significant.

What bothers me the most is that after overcoming the current pandemic, the next one may break out, that is, these pandemics will continue until their beneficiaries reach their desired goal. The price of this can be the lives of hundreds of millions or even billions of people around the world, so I believe that this process must be put to an end without delay and without looking back at the opinions of those who are fawning on its architects and moderators. All attempts to develop and implement international mechanisms to control, prevent, and prevent the development and stockpiling of biological weapons by individual countries have failed. Therefore, there is nothing left but an adequate response with the aim of forcing these countries to stop actions that carry an uncontrolled risk to the existence of humanity and wildlife. Today, I know only one geopolitical center that is capable of such an answer, and I believe that all countries that want to survive in this war and get out of it with the least losses should consolidate around it.

Interviewed by Anna Beglaryan

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