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Russia will hardly see long-term effect of 2018 FIFA World Cup

Russia will hardly see any long-term economic effect of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Moody’s experts believe.

A temporary growth in profit will be seen by hotels, airports, telecommunications companies and retailers. Other sectors will not have significant earnings. For instance, the World Cup will bring only 1% of annual profit to banks.

Regions will see some positive effect where new infrastructure will be built. Most profit will be gained by Mordovia and Kaliningrad Region as they have small-sized economies, and St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov Region and Nizhny Novgorod Region.

As EAD reported, approximate expenditures for preparations for the World Cup are 680 bn rubles. They were spent for construction of stadiums in ten cities, modernization of 12 airports and construction of a new one in Rostov Region, as well as modernization of 30 stations and construction of additional infrastructure in cities to host the championship.

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