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Kiev concerned over failure of its mobilization campaign in Western Ukraine

Most of the people who have dodged the military mobilization in Ukraine are from the country’s western regions: in Ivano-Frankivsk alone as many as 37% of the draft-age residents have already left the country, the Ukrainian President’s advisor Yuri Biryukov said in his Facebook account after having examined the report on the results of the mobilization campaign all over Ukraine.

This is how Biryukov describes the Ukrainian dodger: “He screeches ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ He tells everybody what a neurotic patriot he is. He is the best strategist of our time. He can destroy an armored vehicle using his mind only. His page is full of national symbols. He lives in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Zakarpattia or Volyn. He scorns the Kiev regime for its weakness and is always there to comment on what the president says or does. He is a firm believer that those speaking Russian work for Russia. And on top of that, he is... a paltry coward. Once he sees an enlistment officer, he rushes away with his tail between his legs, changes his phone number, packs his goods and flees to Romania, Hungary, Slovakia or Poland just to sit out there, with his face happy with own brilliance.”

Referring to the report, Biryukov says that the western Ukrainians, whom he called “curs,” do not want to fight. He specifies that the heads of 14 village councils in Ivano-Frankivsk region have refused to send draft notices to their residents, with as many as 37% of the region’s draft-age population having fled from Ukraine.

Biryukov quotes the head of the village council in Konyukhi as saying that the local men have hired two buses and have fled to Russia.

Some sources say that hostels and motels in the borderline areas of Romania are crammed with dodgers from Ukraine.

According to Biryukov, Dnipropetrovsk region has sustained the biggest losses in the ongoing battles in the conflict zone.

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