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Ukrainians negatively assess activity of country’s central administration - poll

The 2/3 of Ukraine’s residents does not support President Petro Poroshenko, according to the latest poll conducted by the Rating Sociological Group.

Actually, 33% of the polled citizens disapprove President Poroshenko’s activity. Nearly as many (34%) respondents ‘rather disapprove than approve’ the president’s activity. Only 3% of the polled citizens hailed the president’s policy, while 21% said they ‘rather approve than disapprove’ it.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s activity received even worse evaluation.  Nearly 52% of the respondents disapprove the policy of Yatsenyuk’s Cabinet.  Some 32% ‘rather disapprove than approve’ his policy, while only 10% said they ‘rather approve than disapprove’ it. The remaining were

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The attitude of the people to the parliament is not good either. 49% of the polled ‘frown on’  the activity of the Supreme Rada, while 35% said they ‘rather disapprove than approve’ it. Another 9% ‘rather approve than disapprove’ the parliament’s policy. The remaining were undecided.

The way things change in Ukraine satisfies only 3% of the polled citizens, while 32% showed negative attitude to the changes in the country. Another 40% of respondents see no changes at all. Meanwhile, 12% of the poll said things change too fast in Ukraine.

The poll was conducted in all the regions of Ukraine, except Donbass, in the period from July 10 through 30, 2015. As many as 1200 permanent residents above 18 and having the right to vote were polled. 

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