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Reorganization: "USA puts Georgia to the firing line"

Minister of Defense of Georgia Levan Izoria is particularly pleased with the fact that "the Georgia and US cooperation, both generally and in the military field, is moving to a substantially new phase."

"This year, in the Georgian Armed Forces, we are starting an important reorganization and standardization, which implies just more attention to tactical units of small size, and this program is just designed to train tactical units of small parts at the squadron level in order to combat hybrid threats with flexible infantry companies provided with fire support, centrally managed and equipped with a decentralized ability of acting," the minister noted.

The overwhelming majority of representatives of the entire post-Soviet space political elites, by a strange coincidence, got their education in the West. At the same time, their subsequent activities allow us identifying the essence of Western education - its main distinguishing feature, which consists in the ability to embody any kind of abracadabra, any nonsense, into the scientific form.

Now, after the opening ceremony of the center, the Georgian army will be trained in it at the squadron level, creating "flexible" infantry companies with "centralized command." At the same time, they must also be equipped with a "decentralized acting capability." Now it is clear to everyone that intelligence services of the enemy will march in unison to the nearest madhouse at the first attempt to decipher the minister's statement.

Up to now, it is likely that the military doctrine of the General Staff handled only with the categories of splitting attacks by tank and mechanized armies with the combined-arms support from converging directions under the cover of aviation plus missile and artillery divisions.

It is expected that American specialists will train their Georgian colleagues until 2020. During this time, nine battalions will be trained according to the new standards. This, of course, is a formidable force, and now the country can sleep peacefully. Obviously, this view is shared by the minister of defense, since he addressed the words below to his subordinates.

"I want to express special gratitude to the leadership of the General Staff, each of you, who during these years glorified our country and established it as one of the outstanding, worthy partners in the whole world. I am proud of you, I am proud of hearing from our American friends the words, and I used to hear it many times and hear now it from Mr. General (here he is talking about Curtis Scaparrotti) that you are one of the most determined, brave and fearless warriors in the world,” said Izoria.

Listening to compliments is always a pleasant thing; it is true of giving a compliment back either. But it starts to resemble a Russian classic tale where the cuckoo, without fear of sin, praises the cock for him praising her. Everything is normal when the Americans are praising their Georgian colleagues. But the colleagues, defending American interests all over the world, shed their own blood, which is obviously, cheaper. Why just should we praise our big brothers from overseas?

Maybe it is for generous financial assistance? It really does exist and it is big enough. It has been repeatedly reported that the United States would allocate up to $100 million for military reforms in Georgia. The total amount of US financial assistance for the Georgian army needs was $240 million. Georgia is supplied by "Javelins" - the most modern and, incidentally, the most expensive anti-tank missile complex. Our friends help us to ensure a very important transition of the Georgian army from Soviet and Russian weapons to the US ones. By doing this, we will resolutely put an end to dependence on Russian weapons and gain true independence. It is just not clear why do they call independence a change of dependence on one weapons supplier into dependence on another?

The arms market will not compare to the drug market in profitability. Here the United States, combining business with pleasure, drives Russia out of this segment. For such behavior there is a clear definition – unfair competition. Ukraine should be an example for everyone - it also resolutely and wisely finished with energy dependence on Russia and now is buying the same Russian gas from Europeans, but with a European surcharge.

The help is also in the fact that American instructors will be training our army for three years, and then they will be replaced by Georgian ones. We have already been through this too. The Americans have been instructing the Georgian army from the time of Eduard Shevardnadze, Mikheil Saakashvili, and had offered the latter, who was considering himself no more as David the Builder, that he and his army would have reached Moscow in two days. He, perhaps, would have come, if not to be disturbed by that damn tie. But had there been no instructors, Mishiko would not have risked going to the August affair. Instructors famously danced with their apprentices, and then also fled dashingly and still have been demanding their top-secret "Hummers from Russia, which the latter considers military trophies".

Another thing is alarming in this case - earlier they had used our military peacekeepers for their needs. Now the emphasis has shifted to regular units, increasing their combat training, and preparing for war. They managed to draw both Georgia and Ukraine into military conflicts with Russia. Apparently, someone thought that Georgia has not yet exhausted its sacrificial potential, that it was time for it to become the second Donbass, see how the "flexible" squadron behave in the combat situation, and how long the nine battalions trained by the new standards would hold? It is possible that somewhere, just in case, photos and videos of burning houses, bloody people, destitute children are already made. In the Great Game they want to put us on the front line, on the line of fire. We have again to sacrifice ourselves and our interests for the sake of the strangers’ interests.

They do need it, but we do not! Peace is not an invention, a product of Russian propaganda, it is the main desire and aspiration of all normal people.

Irakli Chkheidze (Tbilisi), specially for EADaily

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