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Dodon: NATO on the way of Moldova and Transnistria re-integration

Moldova’s President Igor Dodon has called NATO leadership not to hurry with establishing a NATO mission in Chisinau. He made the statement at a meeting with Rose Gottemoeller, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

During the meeting that took place when Dodon was on an official visit to Brussels, the parties exchanged views on Moldova’s cooperation with the bloc.

The Moldovan president announced an initiative to sign a treaty with NATO on Moldova’s permanent neutrality. As Dodon said after the talks, they agreed to have consultations on the issue soon. Experts from the Dodon administration and NATO will discuss if there is enough what is written in the document they have already adopted.

The Moldovan president noted that he supported some of NATO programs like destruction of pesticides. However, he voiced concern over NATO plans to establish a mission in Moldova. As he said, this could hinder the Transnistrian conflict settlement.

Previously, a meeting of Igor Dodon and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was planned, but it did not take place with no reasons announced. Dodon was welcomed by the deputy secretary general.

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