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Most Ukrainians oppose termination of relations with Russia: poll

Razumkov Centre has conducted a poll in all the regions of Ukraine except Donbass in September 2016. The poll revealed that 55% of Ukraine’s citizens oppose the breach in the diplomatic relations with Russia while 52.1% of the polled are against imposing visa requirements on Ukrainians travelling to Russia.

At the same time, 24.8% of the respondents supported the idea of breaking off the relations with Russia. As compared to the data for March 2015, the percentage of the respondents supporting visa regime with Russia fell to 20.9% from 46.7%, while the percentage of those who oppose visa regime increased to 52.1% from 40.6%.

Respondents in the West of Ukraine mostly support the severance of relations and visa regime with Russia unlike most of the residents in the Kiev-controlled territories of Donbass and in the East and South of the country, and a relative majority of the residents in the central part of the region, sociologists say.

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A relative majority of the respondents (48.5%) oppose the ban on import of any goods made in Russia into the territory of Ukraine for commercial reasons, while 33.6% support the ban.

Nationalization of the property and enterprises belonging to Russian businesses in the territory of Ukraine is supported by 50.6% of the polled Ukrainians. This idea is opposed by 26.1% of the polled.

A total of 2,018 respondents in 118 communities were polled. Statistical error (excluding design effect) is below 2.3% with a probability of 0.95.

EADaily reported earlier that Supreme Rada member Serhiy Sobolev did not rule out that the diplomatic relations with Russia will be severed. Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said no one seeks termination of the diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia.

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