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Former member of Georgian Dream coalition and NATO opponent founds his own party

The notorious Georgian politician, MP and former member of the Georgian Dream ruling coalition Tamaz Mechiauri has announced establishment of a new party called “Tamaz Mechiauri for united Georgia.” The political force is expected to participate in the October 8 parliamentary elections.

“We have submitted our application to the Central Election Commission and we will participate in the elections,” the MP said at the presentation of the party in Tbilisi.

According to Georgian media, the party will include Georgian composer Jemal Sepiashvili, former deputy minister for the Diaspora issues Sandro Bregadze, founder of the Georgian Dream youth team David Patstsiya and mother of Amiran Robakidze (who was killed during a police operation when Mikheil Saakashvili was president - EADaily) Iya Metreveli. Besides, the initiative group was joined by journalist Lali Moroshkina, Saakashvili’s classmate and author of a notorious book about him called “Me, president and the world champion.”

Tamaz Mechiauri is known for making statements opposing the current government’s foreign policy while being a member of the ruling coalition. He is against Georgia’s accession to NATO in the current reality, when the issue of the country’s “territorial integrity” has not been settled. Mechiauri also criticized the Georgian-American military drill held in Georgia this May. He believes they could “pose a threat” and deteriorate Georgia’s relations with Russia. He says Georgia needs to improve its relations with Russia. For such statements, he was repeatedly criticized both by the opposition and his associates in the party and the Georgian Dream coalition. Finally, in late May, he announced that he was leaving the party, however, he remained chair of the finance and budget committee at the Georgian parliament and remained part of the majority.

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