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Protests take hold of governmental quarter in Kiev, blocking Khreschatyk

Photo: unian.net

Protests and rallies have erupted at once in several parts of the Ukrainian capital today, on July 16. At least 200 activists have gathered outside the Supreme Rada expressing their discontent at parliamentarian Oleh Lyashko and his Radical Party. They demanding that the deputy is stripped of his immunity. Another group of protesters demands the parliament to pass the law to restructure the foreign exchange debts. The third group demands postponement of the introduction of the VAT e-administration system. According to the Ukrainian media, the protests against Lyashko are the most heated ones. People are chanting “Lyashko - pro-governmental businessman,” “Fools do not fit in the parliament.” Reportedly, the National Guard of Ukraine and Police forces have been pulled to the Supreme Rada building.

In the meantime, the activists of All-Ukrainian organization Sich meaning Cossack fortress have joined the protest of the Right Sector radical organization (banned in Russia) outside the president’s administration. They demand that the convicts for the murder of journalists Oles Buzina are set free and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is dismissed.

Indefinite protests of the Right Sector outside the president’s administration in the Bankova Street have continued for several days already. The protesters have set up tents and field kitchen there. The supporters of the extremists supply them with warm blankets and sleeping pads, food, and wood for stoves. At present, about 100 protesters of the Right Sector and Sich are in front of the president’s administration.

Not far from the Bankova Street, in the governmental quarter of Kiev, traders of mobile coffee houses protesting outside the Kiev Municipality have blocked Kreschatyk. They demand resignation of the head of the сity improvements department who charged taking the mobile coffee houses to a car impound last Friday. They say the property have not been returned to the businessmen. The security officers of the Interior Ministry wearing body armors have arrived at the scene. Together with other police officers they are trying to oust the protesters from the traffic way. The activists are demanding a meeting with Mayor Vitaly Klitschko.  Pushing and shoving continues.

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