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Chinese foreign minister: China and Russia should protect Victory heritage together

Russia and China must protect the international principles of equality of rights and justice they have asserted during the World War II, says Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Cheng Guoping

The Organization of the United Nations was established after the WWII, the Chinese official says, it has become the key mechanism to support the world order that was achieved due to the Victory. “Nevertheless,” he says, “there are still conflicts and wars on the Earth, amid growing hegemonies, strengthening doctrine of force and neo-interventionism. Neo-fascism and militarism try to rise again.”   

“70 years ago, our countries fulfilled with dignity the holy mission to maintain peace,” the Chinese diplomat says. “We must come out for the protection of the heritage of the Victory in the WWII, the international principles of equality of rights and justice, and lay bases for peace, development and cooperation.”

“The contacts of Moscow and Beijing are a bright example of cooperation of super powers, neighbors, for the world. Our peoples have fought shoulder-to-shoulder, supporting each other.  Hundreds of thousands of the best sons and daughters of the two countries participated in joint military campaigns for the protection of peace and justice. Many of them sacrificed their lives and their blood made the friendship of Russia and China even stronger,” Cheng Guoping said.

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