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Donetsk defense ministry says Ukraine uses heavy weapons

Ukraine militants have breached the ceasefire in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) 51 times during the last 24 hours, the DPR defense ministry said today, on April 27.

“Within last 24 hours, we have recorded 51 cases of shelling at populated areas by the Ukrainian forces. They used artillery again,” the ministry told the Donetsk News Agency.

Ukraine’s armed forces used the heavy weapons that were to be pulled back in conformity with the Minsk-2 yet in early March 6 times.  They used tanks 5 times, mortars – 25 times, APCs  - once, anti-aircraft guns - once, anti-tank guided missiles – 4 times, and grenade launchers and small arms – 9 times.  

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A soldier of the self-defense forces was killed in the ceasefire breach, another got heavy wounds.  Ukraine’s battalions were shelling at Novaya Marevka, Shirokino, Gorlovka, Spartak, Zhabichevo, Bezymennoe, the Oktabyrskaya coal mine, Volvo Center and the Donetsk airport.

EADaily reported earlier that under the Minsk agreements, the conflicting parties were to pull back heavy weapons from the line of engagement to create a buffer zone between them of at least 50km for artillery of 100mm caliber or more, 70km for multiple rocket systems and 140km for the heaviest rockets and missiles. Weapons are to be pulled back equal distances on both sides: Kiev from the current line of contact, while DPR and LPR - from the line registered by the Minsk Memorandum of Sept 19.

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