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Yerevan ready to further develop relations with Russia, but with some corrections

Eduard Sharmazanov, Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament. Photo: novostink.ru

Armenia should make certain corrections and to clarify its relations with Russia and other CSTO and EEU allies, but avoid any sharp steps, Eduard Sharmazanov, Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Spokesperson for the ruling Republican Party said at a news conference on April 13.

He called natural the strident response of the Armenian public to Russia’s behavior in the light of the recent escalation in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. It is natural that the statements by high-ranking Russian officials on further arms supply to Azerbaijan caused emotional outburst in Armenia.

“Emotions are quite natural. Yerevan at the president’s level expressed its concern over Russia’s arms supply to Azerbaijan. We hope to discuss this and other issues on our agenda at the upcoming meeting with the Russian State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin in Moscow,” Sharmazanov said.

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The politician believes that Armenia must take an unbiased look at the situation, as any partner pursues its own interests first.  “Russia like the U.S. or EU pursues its own geopolitical interests first. These interests may either coincide with ours or not. We need to promote our agenda. It is necessary to further develop the strategic relations with Moscow. We do not need any sharp steps, like, for instance, withdrawal from the EEU or CSTO. I think all the healthy forces in Armenia share these views,” Sharmazanov said.

In his words, the only alternative to the CSTO, or more precisely to Russia, in the region is Turkey. “Meanwhile, our historical memory hints at what may happen if Russia leaves,” he said.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin said Russia will continue supplying arms to both Azerbaijan and Armenia. He said Moscow knows well that there is certain balance that holds the Karabakh conflict from growing into a large-scale war.

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