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For Roshen:  Kiev liquidating unwanted radicals under guise of Russian raiders

Ukrainian authorities are liquidating their own radical patriots under guise of Russian raiders. Yesterday, Ukraine’s Security Service reported that the security forces detained a reconnaissance and sabotage group at an apartment building in Kiev. Reportedly, the group prepared terror attacks in Kiev and Kharkov. Part of the raiders was citizens of Russia. More than 30 self-made explosives, grenade launchers, rifles, grenades, and shells were found at the scene and at some other apartments in Kiev.  During the operation, the leader of the terrorist group opened fire killing one of the security officers and wounding another.  The leader was liquidated.

Ukraine’s Security Service reports such news on detention of Russian raiders on an incredibly regular basis. However, the last one has angered radical patriots.  The reported Kremlin agent was a “legendary” militant of the Right Sector – the organization is banned in Russia. The 50-year-old Oleg Muzhchil was introduced also as Sergey Amirov more known among militants as “drug Lesnik” (friend Ranger). Radicals say he participated in the second Chechen campaign on the side of armed gangs fighting against federal forces. During the war in Donbass, the native of Donetsk joined the “Right Sector” reconnaissance and even headed the reconnaissance division. He received a government award for the “successes” in the slaughter in Donbass this summer.

EADaily has already reported that the incumbent authorities in Kiev would be happy to get rid of the uncontrollable radical militants that do not want to be legalized and controlled by Kiev. The West demands this too. However, the authorities that have driven the country into deep crisis, do not enlist the public support in the fight against radicals and they cannot “mop up’ them openly. All their previous attempts ended in failures and scandals. Therefore, as we thought, Kiev will choose another way.  It will be splitting up “patriots” from inside, while the most radical ones from the viewpoint of the authorities will be detained over crimes charges.  

Earlier, the Right Sector’s all-time leader Dmitry Yarosh left it taking with him most of the moderate fighters not supporting the idea of a new revolution in Ukraine.  The remaining part promised radical measures against already criminal regime of Poroshenko. The latter has little choice: either to recruit the armed militants to army and the Interior Ministry, or seek a reason for “mop up.”

The wording “subversive activities for terror attacks” proved ideal for destroying everyone who dislikes the incumbent authorities in Kiev. Oleg Muzhchil proved to be the first on that list. He became a “Right Sector” radical yet before the Maidan. Radicals write in social media that yet in 2007, Muzhchil joined “Trizub,” a right-wing nationalist organization led by Dmitry Yarosh. “Right Sector” was created on the basis of that organization in Kiev in 2013. Muzhchil was not just a militant, but the ‘idea-monger’ of the radicals. For instance, this summer, the “Right Sector” militants organized a slaughter in Mukacheve for control over contraband. On his account in social media Muzhchil openly ordered all the groups of his reconnaissance division to leave the deployment units and destroy all the security officers involved in the raid over the “Right Sector” militants that were on the run after the slaughter in Mukacheve.

Afterwards, Dmitry Yarosh declared stand-down and the militants that hid in the Zakarpatye forests have not been detained. A scandal broke out. Muzhchil left the “Right Sector” calling its leader “porokhobot” (Poroshenko’s bot) and called for rebellion against Poroshenko’s regime. On the day of the murder, he posted a message on social media saying he was behind the morning explosion near the Roshen store in Kharkov that belongs to Poroshenko’s candy empire. Kiev could not forgive this even to the awarded militant -  the president’s stores cannot be blown up!

At present, the most radical militants of the “Right Sector” call for establishment of new “firesomes” like the one of Muzhchil to fight the criminal regime of Poroshenko. What will all this result in is not clear. One thing is for sure, driving uncontrollable radicals into ‘subversive groups’ is favorable to Kiev, first of all. The more so as they have a universal wording for the public – Kremlin agents – that will explain everything.

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