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Poland facing second round of presidential election

Bronislaw Komorowski. Photo by se. pl

As preliminary results of the presidential election are made public in Poland, the country is facing a second round of elections. No one of the candidates has obtained the absolute majority. The second round of election will be held on May 24.

Andrzej Duda, the candidate of the opposition Law and Justice Party, received 34.8% of the vote, while incumbent president Bronislaw Komorowski backed by the Civil Platform Party, won 32.2% of the vote. Komorowski has already congratulated his rival on the best result and announced mobilization of his headquarters to win in the second round.

EADaily reported earlier that eleven candidates were running for the presidency in Poland.  Not long before the vote, TNS Polska conducted public opinion polls revealing that Komorowski’s rating fell up to 35% - the lowest vote of confidence to the president since he was elected. Andrzej Duda was named as Komorowski’s key rival with 27% of the vote. The third candidate for president is former chart-topping rock singer Pawel Kukiz – 15%.

Experts say Pawel Kukiz may decide to support one of the leaders in the presidential race after the first round, which will predetermine the election result.  At the end of his presidential campaign, the musician said he would not support Bronislaw Komorowski in the second round of election, though he said nothing about possible support to Duda either. 

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