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Estonian leader: I’ll meet Putin when Russia ratifies border treaty

Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid has told Radio 4 that she is ready to go to Moscow and meet Russian President Vladimir Putin only after the eastern neighbor ratifies the border treaty.

“I made it clear to Russian journalists: if our border treaty is ratified, I am, undoubtedly, ready to go to Moscow and thank for it,” she said. Asked if she is ready to meet with Vladimir Putin, Kaljulaid said: “Of course, as he cannot be keeping aloof of the process.” The Estonian president added that she cannot suppose when this can happen, especially taking into account how long there has been no progress in the issue. “Past can never help predicting the future,” she said.

The Russian embassy to Estonia responded to the president’s statement. The diplomats reminded that Estonia has failed to fulfill the pre-conditions for ratification of the treaty.

“We need to remind that this January Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov once again state clearly the main pre-condition for such step: a normal non-confrontation atmosphere in the bilateral relations. Russia has kept its promise. From the side of the Estonian government, the anti-Russian sentiment is still sky high. In such a situation, progress in ratifying border treaties is out of question,” the embassy said.

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