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Putin nominates Medvedev as prime minister

Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: yandex.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin re-elected on March 18 has submitted Dmitry Medvedev’s candidature as prime minister for voting to the Russian State Duma, the Kremlin press office informs.

As head of the Duma committee for control and procedure rules Olga Savastyanova said, if a candidature for prime minister’s post is submitted today, on May 7, a plenary session will take place tomorrow and this will be the only issue on the agenda.

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To remind, Dmitry Medvedev is 52, he has been leading the government for six years, before that he served as Russia’s president for four years.

On May 7, the State Duma committee for control and procedure rules has adopted a procedure for giving the parliament’s consent to the president for appointing a prime minister. First, the president submits a candidature, then the candidate presents his program. After that, each faction can ask him two questions. Then, after faction present their positions, the Duma is to vote. The voting may be secret or open.

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Published on May 7th, 2018 03:03 PM
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