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Putin hopes common sense will prevail in international situation

President of Russia Vladimir Putin hopes common sense will prevail in current uneasy situation in the world.

“The situation in the world is becoming more chaotic, nevertheless we still hope that common sense will eventually prevail, and that international relations will take a constructive course, and the entire world system will become more stable and predictable,” President Putin said addressing foreign ambassador at a credential handing ceremony at the Kremlin.

The president said Moscow is committed to constructive dialogue.

“As for Russia, we will continue to consistently advocate the strengthening of global and regional security and stability and continue to rigorously comply with our international obligations, and build cooperation with our partners in a constructive and respectful manner, guided by international legal standards and the UN Charter. We will promote the world’s positive, forward-looking agenda and work to ensure the sustainable development, prosperity and wellbeing of humankind,” Vladimir Putin said.

EADaily reported earlier that President of U.S. Donald Trump came out with some contradictory statements yesterday. At first, the American leader said Russia needs to be ready for a missile attack on Syria. Soon after, Trump changed rhetoric and called for defusing international tension.

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