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Polls: 60% of Ukrainian do not know for whom to vote

Photo: ar.volyn.ua

Despite the fact that next elections are to be held as early as next year, pollsters state that most Ukrainian voters have not decided yet for whom to vote, Vesti-Ukraine reports citing data of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology.

“Even those figures we can calculate are just proportion of those who have made their mind. But they are only 40%, the rest do not know for whom they will vote. A significant number of eligible voters do not want to go to polling stations. And those who come will have a chance to influence substantially the final results,” the director of the institute Vladimir Paniotto announced.

“The level of uncertainty is high, because before ‘authorities’ and ‘opposition’ were divided ideologically, while now we see erosion and shift of emphasis,” he said.

According to political analyst Yevgeny Filindash, it is still possible to mobilize the lectorate. “Moreover, now the voters for post-Maidan parties are disoriented; if the current trends develop, the next Rada will be of quite a different shape,” Filindash added.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian media report the number of presidential contenders has increased. The information on a “big deal” between Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc and UDAR led by Klitschko, People’s Front and Volodymyr Groysman that major rivals of Poroshenko will not run for presidency in exchange for quotas in the future party of power that was made public a months ago transferred into voting on issues regarding certain posts at the Rada, but not more: participants of the deal continue playing in leaders projects, getting on Poroshenko’s nerves and declaring their political ambitions.

According to the pollsters, this covert political fuss misleads the voters who cannot decide for whom to vote in such a situation.

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