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Shoygu: the Caspian Fleet will be moved from Astrakhan to Dagestan

Photo: topwar.ru

The Caspian Fleet will be moved from Astrakhan to Caspiysk, Dagestan, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has announced at a meeting with top commandment of the ministry on April 2.

“A huge construction site is unfold there: docks, mooring areas, service units, residential units. The number of officers and soldiers will be increased many-fold,” the minister explained. Shoygu stressed that moving the fleet is a serious part of the security in the Caspian area.

The Caspian Fleet is a sea component of the Southern Military District; it is based in Astrakhan and protects Russia’s national and state interests in the Caspian Sea region, conducts anti-terror operations, protects state interest at oil fields.

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