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March 28 declared day of mourning in Russia

Vladimir Putin. Photo: moscow-baku.ru

March 28 declared day of mourning in Russia to commemorate the victims of the fire at a Kemerovo shopping mall. A decree on it is signed by President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin press office reports.

Up to the present time, 13 injured in the fire at the Winter Cherry remain in hospitals, most of them suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Under the criminal procedures instituted on the case, several people have been detained.

As EADaily reported earlier, Vladimir Putin arrived in Kemerovo today’s morning. He laid a bunch of flowers to an improvised memorial at the shopping mall, visited those suffered from the fire and held a meeting on liquidation of the fire consequences. He promised that all people to blame in the tragedy will be held responsible.

64 are reportedly dead in the fire, more than 60 injured. Reports on missing persons differ, families say there is information on 85 people. 70% of the missing persons are teenagers from 10 to 13.


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Published on March 27th, 2018 01:33 PM
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