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USA orchestrates Georgian government and opposition allying against Russia

Political situation in the so-called “civilized world” can be described with the known phrase: “Ghost of Russia” is wandering around Europe and poor Europeans are extremely frightened. Europe is supposed to unite to hunt that ghost. In short, this British hysteria should grow into all-European and then global hysteria. All the countries will need to unite into a well-organized orchestra with a conductor that will find everyone a proper place in orchestra pit.

Georgia has already been shown its place in the orchestra pit and its political elites replacing each other in the country’s government have no objections to it despite their different views.

In this information war the West has been waging against Russia for a long time already, a new game without rules was launched where Russia’s effort to provide arguments and proofs seems senseless. It is possible to convince someone who is mistaken and wants to learn the truth. But it is impossible to convince someone who lies deliberately. They just need a trigger for information war – no matter whether it is doping, world championship, or political murder. It is obvious that for Russia murdering a betrayer whom it released from prison many years ago and let leave for Europe was senseless.

One can assume that the next “victim” of Russia’s special services will be murdered with a nuclear bomb with markings and manuals in Russian, so that it is possible to blame Russia for violation of agreements on nuclear weapons and for at least partial loss of control over them. Meantime, it is much more logical that Western special services could benefit from the already useless betrayer and “save thirty pieces of silver on him” at the same time.

However, blaming Russia is just the beginning of a big game. They need to form a united front, but there are some difficulties with big countries. For the sake of decency, they demand proofs and investigation in the case. Yet, this is for the show - they will take their places in the “orchestra pit” soon and unite against Russia.

As to small countries, many of them will try to ride past the hounds, but this process needs to be orchestrated.

In Georgia, the ruling party is Georgian Dream that democratically overthrew dictatorship of United National Movement six years ago. Everyone hopes that losing power UNM will be punished for its crimes, but Georgian Dream received an order from above (from overseas) to keep still. As a result, nationalists have become the major and absolutely irreconcilable opposition force in the country. Suddenly, these two forces that used to blame each other for deadly sins have got a chance to shake hands.

How could this happen? Who is the magician that made this happen? Apparently, this is U.S. Ambassador Ian Kelly, who is ending his diplomatic mission to Georgia, but will evidently leave his mark in history of Georgia.

The recent tragic death of a Georgian citizen Archil Tatunashvili in South Ossetia has become a good chance to involve Georgia into a new anti-Russia hysteria. He is another victim to the conflict triggered by the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century that still claims lives. As it usually happens in such cases, Tbilisi and Tskhinval have made diametrically opposite theories of what has happened.

South Ossetia says Archil Tatunashvili, who served in the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan, in the Middle East, was a participant of the August War of 2008 and a special-forces soldier collecting important data in the territory of South Ossetia. The security forces of the republic detained him red-handed. Tatunashvili tried to escape, which triggered skirmish and he suddenly fell downstairs. The man died in hospital due to severe traumas. The Ossetian side has not repatriated the body of the killed officer to his family yet.

Georgia denies this theory and insists that Tatunashvili was engaged in commerce in the territory of the former autonomy, trading in fruits and vegetables and his death was another crime of the “Tskhinval government.”

Death of a person is a big tragedy, especially when it is used for political goals. Many politicians have publicly called it a brilliant chance to press Russia. So, the ruling party and the opposition has decided to adopt a parliamentary resolution in connection with Archil Tatunashvili’s death.

Here is when Ambassador Ian Kelly said his last word. First, he called it necessary that the resolution is adopted by the two parties and covered two major areas – humanitarian and political. Pointing at “political responsibility” of Russia, the Ambassador said the world community should be informed of the incident. It would be great to ask the ambassador about humanism and world community when his country was destroying Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Syria etc., but it would be an evident waste of time.

Ian Kelly said U.S. is ready to support the Georgian government in its efforts. As a result, there is no fundamental difference between the resolutions passed by the ruling party and the opposition. Such unnatural but very touching unity of the government and the opposition will evidently result in sanctions. No one expects any effect from the new sanctions. What matters here is to implement the instructions of “the orchestra conductor” and follow his general line.

A few days ago, Mikheil Saakashvili once again promised to return to Georgia with a triumph. He recommended the opposition to unite. What if orchestra conductor (Ian Kelly) with his magic baton makes the opposition and the government forget about their enmity and play the same music?

Some will call this impossible, but “Never say never,” a popular American proverb says.

Irakli Chkheidze (Tbilisi), specially for EADaily

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