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Russia is still leading in coal supply to Ukraine

Since the beginning of the year, the share of the Russian coal in supplies to Ukraine has been 60% from the whole volume of imported coal. Since January, imports of anthracite and other types of coal grew by 63% comparing to the same period last year, up to 4.15bn tons, the Ukrainian State Fiscal Service reports.

In monetary form, the coal imports in Jan-Feb was $516mn (44.5% more than in Jan-Feb 2017). Ukraine paid about $300mn for coal from Russia, $149.5mn for coal from the United States, $48.4mn for coal from Canada. Coal from other countries cost it $14.7mn.

Besides, the largest share of oil products (39.8%) was also supplied from Russia. In terms of money it was $257mn. Oil products from Belarus cost Ukraine $240.4mn within this period (37.2%), from Lithuania $62.7mn (9.7%). The two-month imports from other countries cost $86.5mn.

EADaily reminds that in 2018 Ukraine plans to increase the imports of energy coal by 11.3% comparing to 2017 up to 5.6mn tons. 4.9mn tons are to be imported from Russia, 664,000 tons from the United States, 123,000 tons from South Africa.

In 2017, Russia led the supplies of coal to Ukraine. Russia’s portion in the coal imports was 56.57% ($1.55bn).

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