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Moldovan president: Unionists will be punished severely

Igor Dodon

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has instructed the law enforcers to take all necessary measures to prevent from destabilization of the situation in the republic.

“According to our information, those who use the Unionists and patriotic slogans as disguise want to come to Chisinau to destabilize the situation here,” the president said. According to him, those who will come to the country with such goals will be punished severely.

The Moldovan president said that all representatives of the government institutions who earlier adopted declarations in support of unification with Romania will be charged for anti-constitutional activities. “We will not allow doing this,” the president added.

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Igor Dodon specified that the declaration in support of the “Unirea” (unification) were signed not by majority but by minority of the local officials or were signed not by representatives of the power institutions but by clergymen or some unidentified people.

In the near future, the presidential administration is going to draft amendments to the legislation in order to upgrade the penalties for calling for liquidation of the country’s statehood.

On March 7, the president initiated a meeting of the High Security Council of the republic. One of the issues on the agenda was to give a legal assessment of some heads of local administrations who signed the declaration on unification with Romania.

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