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Abkhazia calls European organizations to admit reality

Abkhazia’s Foreign Ministry points out once again that Europe is showing a biased approach to peace processes in the South Caucasus.

In his first speech newly elected PACE President Pedro Agramunt stressed the need to continue discussions concerning frozen conflicts in the South Caucasus, particularly, in Abkhazia and South Ossetia as they constitute a threat to Europe’s security.

According to Abkhazia, the EU’s policy is pro-Georgian and is far from the reality created after 2008.

Abkhazia shares Agramunt’s concerns about security but main threats come from Georgia and its destructive policy.

“It is Georgia who has been aggressive so far. It was the one who started the war in 1992-1993 and launched more attacks in 1998, 2001, 2006 and 2008. It was due to Russia that Abkhazia managed to prevent Georgia’s provocations. So, the key threat to the region’s security is Georgia and its provocative and aggressive policy,” Abkhazia’s Foreign Ministry says.

The ministry regrets that Europe’s efforts to settle the conflict in the South Caucasus are mostly one-sided and pro-Georgian. “The EU’s Monitoring Mission in Georgia has done nothing to settle the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict,” the ministry says.

So, Abkhazia urges PACE and other European organizations to revise their one-sided approaches and to harmonize their policies with existing political realities.

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