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Ukrainian Opposition Bloc to vote for Yatsenyuk’s resignation

Vadim Rabinovich. Photo: evreiskiy.kiev.ua

The Opposition Bloc parliamentary group will vote for the resignation of Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

According to MP from the bloc Vadim Rabinovich, a year ago Yatsenyuk enjoyed the support of 52% of the Ukrainians. Today he has nothing. “His People’s Front even decided not to run in the last elections. By doing this Yatsenyuk admitted his inefficiency. Now it is for the parliament to do it. Our bloc is ready to vote for his resignation and expects the other parliamentary groups to do the same,” Rabinovich said.

According to him, Yatsenyuk’s government has registered no single success this year. “Nobody in Ukraine believes that it can stabilize our economy or improve our life. So, only those whom Yatsenyuk helped individually will vote against his resignation. Very soon we will see how many such people there are in our parliament,” Rabinovich said.

Dec 11 is the last day of Yatsenyuk’s government’s immunity against resignation. Yatsenyuk has already warned that if the Supreme Rada votes for his resignation, his People’s Front will withdraw from the ruling coalition.

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