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Tibilov decides to hold a referendum on South Ossetia’s reunification with Russia

South-Ossetian President Leonid Tibilov has decided to organize a referendum on South Ossetia’s reunification with the Russian Federation.

During a meeting with the Russian president’s assistant Vladislav Surkov in Tskhinval on Oct 19, Tibilov said that reunification with Russia is a dream the South-Ossetians have cherished for as long as two centuries while faced with Georgia’s chauvinism and fascism.

Tibilov’s press service quotes him as saying that today’s realities are pushing South Ossetia to opt for reunification with brotherly Russia as a pledge of long-term security and prosperity.

According to Tibilov, this question also has a juridical aspect.

“In 1992, the South-Ossetians voted for reunification with Russia but in 2006 they opted for independence. And even though it was independence from Georgia, the second referendum nullified the results of the first one. So, we need a new referendum if we want to join the Russian Federation,” Tibilov said.

The South-Ossetian president is going to involve all political parties and NGOs in this process. “I am sure that they will support me,” he said.

Tibilov is confident that the referendum will unite the South-Ossetians and will give a new start to all processes in his country.

The South-Ossetian president is going to coordinate with Russia all the steps he will take to put the results of the referendum into practice.

As EADaily reported earlier, before the last parliamentary elections in South Ossetia, a similar initiative was advanced by the leader of United Ossetia Party Anatoly Bibilov.

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