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Coalition of parties forming new cabinet in Moldova

A new cabinet of ministers is to be formed in the Moldovan government. The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and the Democratic Party have made the statement on it. They have already started negotiations on the coalition.

Both parties rule out early parliamentary elections and say they will have talks with the Liberal Party and the Communist Party to establish a broad coalition, Publika TV reports.

“With what parties should we have talks? With those who openly and directly support ideas fixed in the strategy of the current government,” said chair of the Democratic Party Marian Lupu.

“We are getting started with the negotiations and, hopefully, we shall complete them together with our colleagues from the Democratic Party and the Liberal Party. Early parliamentary elections will become a true disaster for Moldova. Those who seek early parliamentary elections do not want good for the country,” said leader of the Liberal Democrats Vlad Filat.

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Moldova needs a new government after its Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici sent in his resignation on June 12. His resignation is a sign for establishing a stronger and more sustainable coalition, member of the Democratic Party Sergei Sirbu believes.

“I do not think the prime minister’s resignation may result in an unstable situation in the country. Our party, of course, is sorry about it. Nevertheless, the current situation has shown that the parliament need a strong coalition which should be the base for the government,” Sirbu continued.

In accordance with the Moldovan constitution, the president is to dissolve the parliament if the parliament fails to approve a new government within 45 days from the start of the procedure. Besides, the parliament is to be dissolved if a new government is not formed within 90 days from resignation of the previous cabinet.

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