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Zakharchenko: Ukraine launches new military incursion in Novorossiya

Today, on January 12, leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko has announced that actions if the Ukrainian government show it is not going to observe the truce. According to him, the capital of DPR is back to the time when the ceasefire wasn’t even discussed.

This shows that Ukraine one-sidedly decided to abandon the truce, he said. Besides, he stressed that the administration of the republic were ready for talks, but saw no sense in any consultations yet.

“For three days already, the castigators have been firing on ruthlessly along the whole battle line, it is terror, as only civil facilities are hurt,” Zakharchenko said. “The junta has practically abandoned the truce one-sidedly. We shall not allow any more rotations of Ukrainian forces at the airport. I see no sense in talks with the Banderist Ukraine. Talks are no help, as Ukraine does not observe agreements. We will use all means to eliminate Ukrainian occupational troops that are firing on our republic. Yesterday, we have countered enemy fire in 20 spots, more than 200 castigators were put out of action. I propose that Ukrainian go back to their native Kiev from the battle line and deal with Poroshenko and other foreign invaders of Ukraine.”

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