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Gagauzia does not recognize laws of Moldovan parliament

Russian information and analytical programs will be further broadcast in the Gagauz autonomy of the Republic of Moldova despite the ban of the Moldovan parliament. Such a decision, based on regional legislation, was adopted by the head of the autonomy Irina Vlach and the chairman of the National Assembly of Gagauzia Vladimir Kissa.

According to the leaders of the territorial unit, the amendments to the Code on Television and Radio violate the right of Moldovan citizens to access information. In addition, the bill will cause another aggravation in the relations between Moldova and Russia.

"Under the slogan of a mythical ‘information threat’, in fact, the fight against the Russian language and the high prestige of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova is being conducted," Irina Vlach stated.

The head of the National Assembly sent a letter to the speaker of the Moldovan parliament, Andrian Candu, demanding to reconsider the decision of the legislative body taking into account the interests of Gagauzia. Vladimir Kissa stressed that the adoption of the law does not meet the national interests of the autonomy.

The Coordination Council on Television and Radio (CCTR) regarded the statement of Vlach and Kissa as a violation of law. Head of CCTR Dragoş Vicol noted that the autonomy is obliged to obey the new rules and stop broadcasting Russian news.

"This is clearly a violation of the law, since the legislation extends throughout the country, including Gagauzia. The provisions of the Code on Television and Radio should be observed in every corner of the Republic of Moldova, "concluded Vikol.

As EADaily reported earlier, on December 7, the parliamentary majority of Moldova adopted in two readings draft amendments to the Code on Television and Radio, which prohibit broadcasting Russian news and information and analytical programs on television and radio. According to the amendments, news broadcast by Moldovan broadcasters can only be produced in the EU, USA, Canada and countries that have ratified the convention on cross-border television.

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