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People in Donetsk protest against OSCE’s inaction in Donbass

An action of protest against the OSCE’s ineffective activities in Donbass has been organized in Donetsk on Feb 15. The action is being held near the OSCE Office.

According to local mass media, it is a peaceful action. The demonstrators are holding posters saying “OSCE, Open Your Eyes!” “Hug – Kiev’s Agent,” “Hug, Tell the Truth!” and “Stop Playing to Ukraine!”

“Two years have passed since the signing of the Minsk agreements. We have let OSCE observers into our land but they are doing nothing. We hope that they will tell the world the truth about the horrible crimes of the Ukrainians, who are killing our children and old people. We would like to show the whole world that the Ukrainian raiders are killing us and to make it known to the OSCE mission that we don’t need workers like them,” public activist Roman Troshin said.

Representatives of the OSCE mission have come out of the office and have told the protesters that they will make their wishes known to their directors.

As EADaily reported earlier, in late Jan 2017 the Ukrainian army began shelling the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, with lots of people killed and injured as a result. Since then over 250 houses and other facilities have been damaged.

The OSCE mission is inefficient. Even more, its Deputy Head Alexander Hug came under fire when observing the area near Yasinovataya.

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