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Abkhazian vice president: Our country is on the verge of anarchy

Abkhazia is on the line beyond which it may cease to be a state, Abkhazian Vice President Vitali Gabnia said during a meeting with people on Nov 10.

Apsnypress quotes him as saying that there are no unsolvable problems in Abkhazia. “We are facing no threats to our national security. Our key problem is that our people are dissatisfied with their lives and don’t believe anybody. But have you ever heard any suggestions from the opposition on how to improve the situation? They don’t seem to care. We are also dissatisfied with what is going on in our country. We have tried to reform our government. The president suggested enlarging the parliament with proportional seats but the opposition was the first to dismiss that initiative. We have long printed residence permits for the people living in Gali but the parliament is delaying the approval of the bill. Today, we are trying to form a post-Soviet political elite. We don’t want to have insiders and outsiders here. We don’t want to look back,” Gabnia said.

He said that the July 5 events (the attack on the interior ministry) were the opposition’s revenge. “They tried to set the building on fire, they beat 15 policemen, they used firearms. It’s mean to beat a man who cannot do the same. By doing this they mocked our liberty,” Gabnia said.

“The next such clash will have irreversible consequences. Further escalation will be fatal for our country,” Gabnia said.

“Our people no longer trust the opposition. Khadzhimba will not resign. You can like him or not but he is our only chance to keep our country from chaos till 2019,” Gabnia said.

He urged the Abkhazians not to follow the people who are ready to ruin their own country for the sake of their personal ambitions. “Let’s appreciate what we have. Today, we are on the verge of anarchy. Let’s not pass this line! Let’s not lose what our guys once won at the expense of their lives! In just a few months, we are holding parliamentary elections. This is a real chance for them in the parliament to prove their competence. And this should be their only choice!” Gabnia said.

The meeting was organized on the initiative of President Raul Khadzhimba, who qualified it as a sincere dialogue about the current situation in Abkhazia.

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