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After being interrogated by police Estonian human rights activist finds himself in hospital

Dmitry Linter after being detained by Security Police. Photo from Linter’s social network account

Organizer of the Immortal Regiment action in Tallin Dmitry Linter who was detained on May 9 has been released, EADaily’s correspondent informs.

Linter refuted statement made by spokesman of the Estonian Security Police Harrys Puusepp that Linter was not detained, but summoned as a witness.

“I am released, but I’m in hospital now. It was a detention, they kept me there six hours and tried to frighten me. Then, an investigator arrived, and something bullshit started regarding a completely irrelevant subject. The bullshit consisted of forty questions and ended in half to two o’clock in the night. They had not let my attorney to me within seven hours. The whole thing lasted for about 15 hours: from 11 a.m. to 01:30 a.m. I finally told them that I would go to hospital to register what is going on with me. They called an ambulance and it took me to hospital. It looks like high blood pressure, they say. As a result, I am on a drip, but they say I’ll be fine soon and they’ll let me go. I am happy the Immortal Regiment took place in Tallin and it was considerable. Happy Victory Day! The day was a fight for me,” Linter announced in his post.

On May 7, Estonian border police detained Linter when he was coming to homeland from Russia and searched him for a long time.

“Threats and violence, numerous violations and destroyed papers with my interrogation,” Dmitry Linter informed.

On May 9, 500 people participated in the Immortal Regiment action in Tallin. Member of the Russian School of Estonia NGO Alisa Blintsova said the people came to streets risking their freedom and health. Earlier, the Interior Ministry warned that people carrying Soviet symbols during mass actions can be attacked by those thinking that when Estonia was part of the USSR it was occupied.

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