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Russian citizens living in Estonia urge EU authorities to stop their anti-Russian policy

The Union of Russian Citizens of Narva, Estonia, is concerned about growing anti-Russian moods in the EU and condemns certain politicians, whose careless words and actions are putting the world on the verge of war.

EADaily’s correspondent quotes the Union as saying that before the 61st anniversary of the victory over Fascism, the Russian citizens living in Estonia express their protest against anti-Russian moods in Estonia and other EU member states. “The memory of tens of millions of those killed and tortured during WWII is calling on those living today not to let this horrible tragedy recur! Let’s not let crazy politicians draw Europe and the whole world into a new global war! Russia is not a threat to anybody. Russia is ready to live in peace with its neighbors and to respect others’ interests. Please, stop kindling anti-Russian moods as by doing this you are causing damage to your own countries! By doing this you are putting at the lives of our children and grandchildren,” the Union said.

The Narva-based Russians are also indignant at the attempts of some politicians to blacken the Soviet Army and to downgrade the role of the Soviet people in destroying Fascism. “We can’t let them keep the truth away from our youths. Those who forget their heroic past are doomed to new tragedies. We want peace for all people living in Estonia. This serves the interests of all people in Europe,” the Union said.

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