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A plane with smuggled cargo from Belarus on board crashes in Ukraine

An AN-2 plane crashed near the village of Luch, Lutsk district of Ukraine, on Thursday morning. The plane flew so low that it touched the roof of a private house.

According to Ukraine’s Emergency Service, such a maneuver was not allowed. The pilot died. The fire was put out by 1:20 PM.

The cause of the fall is being investigated.

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Witnesses say that the plane took off from a site in a field close to the crash scene. The pilot u-turned the aircraft and tried to land it in the same place.

Local residents were aware of the plane and knew that it was used for smuggling. 

UNIAN says that formerly, the plane was used as a fertilizer but then somebody bought it and began using it for smuggling.

An MI-24 helicopter crashed in Kiev region on Tuesday. One person was killed, the other two were hospitalized.

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