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Latvian parliament approves national security strategy

Latvia’s Saeima has approved the national security strategy drafted by the government.

EADaily is told at the press service of the Latvian parliament that prior to this the document was approved by the parliamentary National Security Committee.

The concept specifies eight major challenges for Latvia’s security and measures to prevent them: external challenges, foreign intelligence and special services, military threats, threats to social unity, threats to information community, economic challenges, international terrorism and cyber-terrorism. Latvia’s priorities are to reinforce its borders, to improve its refugee policy and to prevent radicalization risks.

According to the authors of the strategy, in order to stave off threats posed by foreign intelligence and special services, Latvia should develop its national security and counterespionage services and should carry out preventive policies. The country should also develop public mass media, reduce the influence of Russian mass media, control foreign investments and ensure stable energy supplies.

Meanwhile, most Latvian government officials regard Russia as the major threat for Latvia.

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