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Ukrainian army launched a mortar attack against Donetsk Airport

Kiev-controlled armed forces opened mortar and gun fire in the territory of Donetsk Airport, head of the Kuybyshev District administration (Donetsk) Ivan Prikhodko has informed today, on Oct 27.

“About half an hour ago, Ukrainian armed forces opened fire in the territory of Donetsk Airport. They are shelling from mortars and guns,” Prikhodko is quoted as saying by the Donetsk News Agency.

Besides, the Ukrainian army pulled out not all Grad multiple rocket launcher systems from the contact line for a distance set by the Minsk Agreements, Igor Yashchenko, deputy chief of staff of People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic, has announced today. As he said, support units and ammunition advance are still there. He stressed that such information was given by members of the OSCE special monitoring mission and Joint Control and Coordination Center.

As EADaily reported earlier, a new truce came into force in Donbass on September 1. Both parties in the conflict and monitors state it is being observed. Late September, the parties signed an agreement on pullout of weapons with the caliber of less than 100 mm and tanks from the contact line.

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