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Right Sector ready to war against “Poroshenko’s regime”

Reserve battalions of the Right Sector Ukrainian militarized nationalist-extremist organization are ready to fight Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s regime, says volunteer corps commander Andrei Stempitsky.

“Reserve battalions are our support in the fight against not only separatists but also the internal enemies… Someone wants us not to stand in the way of the ‘to live a new life’ policy. Not a bit of it!” the Right Sector press-office quotes Stempitsky as saying. “We will be a bone the regime will choke with.”

The president’s administration responded soon after this statement.  President Petro Poroshenko’s aide Oleh Medvedev responded rigidly to the threats of their erstwhile allies.  “The word ‘patriot’ is sometimes used by a different referent group in veiled speech…  For such statement Stempitsky must be arrested, the damn political prisoner. As to the head of the Right Sector press-office (Artem Skoropadsky – editor’s note), if he has not been replaced yet, it is high time to exile him to his motherland, to Ryazan, or where he comes from,” Medvedev said in a Facebook post.

EADaily reported earlier that on July 22 at the people’s assembly in Kiev, Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector organization that is banned in Russia, said his organization launched a “new stage of revolution in Ukraine,” including a referendum of no-confidence to the president, government and Supreme Rada. Earlier, Yarosh said it was time to speak of President Poroshenko’s resignation, government’s resignation and dismissal of the Supreme Rada.

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